Sunday, August 19, 2007


Spent most of last couple of days (and night) designing, updating, collecting items for this web site. Let's hope it is never needed, but since it is best to PLAN AHEAD, here ya go..

The links have been created, updated, and changed.

Tweaked ways to get information, and the best way to manage it.

I don't plan to put any pictures on this page to keep it fast loading, but keep up with the blog links below, and they should have plenty of pictures.

I also plan to archive pretty quick to keep just a few pages on the main page Should also speed up loading)

Thanks to everyone that has helped in getting this set up, in one way or another.

All we need if your information. If you plan to leave, or stay, let us know when while you still can.

Let other know about this site. We are all concerned about our friends and family.

No one can predict when the power, or Internet may go off-line or for how long.

Plan Ahead, Stay Safe!


Galena Alyson Canada said...

We are in the south, and to my knowledge we have no place for emergency communication like you have here for Ambergris.

(Of course, it appears that you need it more right now!)

I am maintaining an in-real-time discussion at FWIW...


AC Friends said...

feel free to use this site also

Galena Alyson Canada said...

Thank you. I hope to hell we don't need to 8-)!


AC Friends said...

Link posted. feel free to post a link to here on your site. Thanks

Galena Alyson Canada said...

Done. And thank you!

May I suggest that you increase the default number of articles that appear on the first page? It's in the "Costomize" area...


Anonymous said...

seeking information on Belizean Cove Resort north of Capricorn